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Dan Baker, Ph.D.

About Dan

  • Family Business Consulting for 20 years
  • Organizational Consultant to family and general businesses
  • Certified Exectuvie Coach for 20 years
  • Educational and public speaking
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska
  • Post Doctoral Fellow in Medical Psychology with a specialty in Stress and Cardiovascular functioning
  • Served full-time tenured position at the University of Nebraska Medical College departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics from 1973-1983
  • The National Center for Preventative and Stress Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona, 1984-1986
  • Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Tucson, Arizona. 1986-2006
    • Founding director of the Health & Healing Center
    • Founding Director of the Life Enhancement Center
    • Founding Partner of Healthy Families in Business
  • A pioneer in the study of Positive Psychology -the study of strengths, values and virtues; the study of what's right with human beings and their organizations.
  • Author of three books:
    • What Happy People Know (Rodale Press)
    • What Happy Companies Know (Prentice Hall)
    • What Happy Women Know (Rodale Press)
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